Are You Hauling Buckets or Building A Pipeline?

residual_income_pipelineThere was a man who lived in a village that was two miles from the nearest water source.  His job was to haul buckets of water to the village every day.  Since everyone needed water he had perfect job security.  To earn more money, he would simply make more trips.  After years of hauling buckets he realized that if he didn’t change something he would be hauling buckets for his entire life.

So, he made a plan.  He would haul as many buckets as he needed to pay the bills, and in his spare time he would work on building a pipeline.  He stayed consistent and persistent in his pipeline building efforts.  A few years later he finally finished the pipeline and turned on the spigot in the village.  The villagers could come and get water whenever they wanted.  He not only created a pipeline of water, but he created a financial pipeline, that would allow him to pursue his greater cause and higher purpose in life.

Do you have a plan to create your financial pipeline?

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