This website is for people looking for hope, where hope has been lost, for solutions that get to the root of the problem, not just manage symptoms.  I would love to put healing back in the hands of the people, and see a healer in every home.  I want to empower families to take more control of their health, and to support and promote health through proactive choices.

The more I learn, the more I’m amazed at how interconnected we are to the earth and the plants.  We are healthier when we eat a mostly plant-based diet.  Plant-derived minerals are way more absorbable (almost 100%) by our bodies than elemental minerals.  I’ve found plants-based medicines such as essential oils, CBD oil, homeopathy, and herbal remedies are often a safer, more effective choice for healing than pharmaceutical drugs.  Even something as simple as drinking enough water, or having contact with the earth, known as earthing or grounding, provides it’s own form of anti-inflammatory healing energy, working much like an antioxidant against free-radicals.

Why We Need To Educate Ourselves On Health Care Choices

It is up to us as individuals to be more responsible for our own health, to take the time to educate ourselves, and to responsibly share that knowledge with others.  No one is more interested in your health, or the health of your family, than you.

We live in a time where modern medicine can perform life-saving miracles, for sure.  Hospitals and medical doctors are great for trauma, surgery, and a handful of infectious diseases and medical conditions…but they’re not the ones to see about reversing or preventing chronic disease.  I believe M.D.’s are good people and they really want to help, but they simply aren’t trained for keeping you healthy.

You see, the food and health industry have created a monopoly that puts profit over people.  Our government no longer represents the interests of the people, instead it serves special interest organizations. These industries rule with an iron fist, destroying anyone that get in their way of profit, pumping people full of their products regardless of the risk…ruthlessly lying, bullying, and bribing to make a buck.

The truth is, these industries don’t want to cure disease, they want you somewhere in between healthy and dead, pumping you full of unhealthy foods and chemicals, then managing your health symptoms with drugs and surgery.

On top of that, we’re forced to pay for insurance from companies that don’t support options for alternative health care practitioners, natural health care products or supplements.  I can’t tell you how sad it makes me when I give people options and they say, “My insurance pays for (medications, surgery, doctor visits, etc.), it doesn’t cover (supplements, naturopathic doctors, etc.)”

Meanwhile, we pay out of our pockets for alternative and holistic options that support and promote health.  But there are things we can do to encourage change.

What You Can Do

Fortunately, there are choices we can make every day to create a healthy lifestyle for ourselves and our families.


A Healthy Life Is A Balanced Life

1)  Know your WHY.  Change isn’t easy, especially when others around you don’t, so having a strong why can help.  Health issues force change on some people, others just want to be more proactive, get into better shape, or be more environmentally conscious.  Just know that every little bit you do helps. You don’t have to do it all at once, and there will be times when it’s okay to be a little bad.

2)  Educate yourself, and your family.  This also helps support your why.  Understand how every little thing you do, from lifestyle choices like eating right or reducing your toxic load, to the alternative or modern medical healthcare choices you make for yourself and your family, adds up to make a big impact, not only on your family and the environment, but also worldwide.

3)  Take action to help bring about change.  We all play a part, big or small, and your vote counts. Individually, we may not have the money and power to change how industry does things, but when we choose wisely what products to buy and vote with our dollars, the money-hungry industries will listen.  For example: a few years ago gluten-free and non-gmo products were expensive and hard to find.  Demand for these have reduced prices and increased the availability, but this wouldn’t have happened if there hadn’t been people willing to pay a little more for these products to support the change.

Are You Ready To Change?